Laravel Enterprise

May 11, 2017

Lately I've been hearing a lot of talk about "Is Laravel Enterprise Ready?" and it was even discussed by Matt Staufer, Jeffrey Way and Taylor Otwel on the Laravel Podcast.

This got me thinking about it and I decided to relay my thoughts here.

Is Laravel Enterprise Ready?

Short is: Yes and No, now let me explain my reasoning for this bizarre answer.

As a software product I think Laravel is mature enough to support whatever we want to develop with it, be it our own personal blog, a company website, an e-commerce site or any number of other products, whether they are to be used by few or thousands of visitors per day, it's all about how you implement it.

As an example I will be working on re-writting from scratch in Laravel a Codeigniter application I developed years ago that is currently serving about 30 to 40 million visitors per day. Would this be considered an Enterprise application? From what I've seen and understand the majority of people would indeed consider it Enterprise.

But this application is in place in a company with 4 full time developers (including the CTO) along with one SysAdmin (I also wear the SysAdmin hat many times due to the small team size). And is nowhere near what I think those same people would consider Enterprise, but more in the Medium Business level.

What is Enterprise then ?

Now when I think of Enterprise I think Support, I think Service Level Agreements, things that I believe Laravel as a company is not ready to provide, not that it doesn't have the means to get there, but right now (May, 2017) it's not setup with those resources in place.

Yes it has a huge community of developers and contributors but when an "Enterprise" wants to use a piece of software they want contracts and request support from the company that develops the products with guarantees and accountability.

As an example at work, we have recently started using an Open Source project, and although we could do it by ourselves and get everything running we decided to go with their "Enterprise" offering which has them support any issues with the software and accompanying infra-structure, by paying them a monthly or annual fee we are able to have peace of mind that our only worry is our own integration with that system and not the system itself.

I hope this clears up for you this whole Enterprise issue based on my point of view.

Posted: May 11, 2017