Ideas and Projects

March 12, 2017

So, here I am moving on, and with that comes the excitement, motivation and hope of working on great projects.

Here is a list of current things I'm working on or thinking about for the near future:

Box It Mom

A new business venture with my beautiful wife (technically still a fiance), my tasks involve setting up the infra-structure for her to be able to move the business forward. Which is about taking care of the Mother post-partum. I think it's a great idea and from the looks of it there aren't that many services out there thinking about the mothers, most focus only on the new baby. (spoiler: the Fathers will be taken care of also in the future)


This was an ESP, using a software that has now been deprecated by the name of OemPro, I used it and had some clients on it for a while, but of course I did not own the source code and thus it died. I will be building a new application that integrates Email, SMS, VoIP and more. Looking forward to getting this out.


The canadian website for my Capoeira Group, the group GUC (Grupo UniĆ£o na Capoeira) was created by Mestre Umoi in 1983 in Brasilia's satelite city Sobradinho, it has since expanded to Portugal, Norway, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you are interested in learning more about Capoeira do stop by the website for more information.


This idea came from the fact that my love and I have 4 children and always worry about their safety, so we thought what about having a website that people can register and have readily available all the updated information about their children, in case the worse happens. We never want to think about it, but we need to be realistic about this crazy world we live in right now.


We all love to win things, and we all live in a very digital sociable society, so why not join both together and create a lottery that is WorldWide and supported by the people for the people, this website will allow you to purchase a ticket, share with friends, invite them in to contribute to the pot and have a Lottery or 50/50 draw for it. It will empower groups of friends to join together, control and share the game. The more people you invite in the bigger the pot.


In online and affiliate marketing, Landing Pages are key to the success of the publisher, so my idea comes from the work I have been doing for the past 8 years, which is to build a software that allows anyone to easily have landing pages to setup their offers for their users.


AdStation by AdKnowledge is a service where you can monetize your email list, by sending targeted marketing emails based on the history of the thousands of email addresses they have, it allows you to maximize the revenue you can make from it, this website will make it easy to manage and send the emails in a variety of ways and check the metrics by integrating with their API.

Posted: Mar 12, 2017