Capoeira Angola Quintal Rochester - 2017 Event

April 29, 2017

Today I had the great opportunity to participate in a workshop with Mestre Ombrinho from Capoeira Angola Quintal, at their Rochester location.

We left early morning and myself, Shirley (my love) and our lovely girls, arrived at the event location around 1:30pm, thanks to her care of the girls I was able to participate in this great workshop.

It was an amazing 6h of Capoeira with a Mestre that I knew mostly by name and from seeing him at another event years ago, but this time around I was able to learn from him and talk about Capoeira. But let's not forget all the friends I hadn't seen in such a long time, such as Fênix, CM Graveto (a bit outdated link though), Prof. Ariranha, Instrutor Espião, Instrutor Onça Preta and of course others, the list is too long to put here but trust you are in remembered.

What I found is that Mestre Ombrinho and my Mestre Umoi, share many of the same beliefs and that made me so happy, being far from your Mestre is hard but having met someone that reminds you of him is amazing. I really hope I can visit him more often in the future.

During the workshop Mestre was teaching in an extremely calm and technical manner which is great and makes you see all the little details required for the movements, we worked solely on the base movements (some may call them basic, but Mestre mentioned it and I agree Base is a better term), and during those 6 hours we drilled them in many different ways, the simplicity, the energy of the Mestre made the whole thing seem like 5m and then you're like - Aw, it's done already - He started with the Angola Rhythm and then moved up to São Bento Grande, while explaining how the motion, movements and the game flow evolved with it.

I'm sad I won't be able to participate in the Roda happening tomorrow April 30th, 2017 but I'm hoping I will be able to attend the event CAQ Festival and Batizado 2017 coming June 5th to 11th in New York.

P.S. : When we got there we were hungry and late to get to the event, not knowing where to eat we picked a close by Wendy's for a quick bite, and let me tell you that was the worst decision, we all got food poisoning out of it, as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) beware of the Wendy's at 744 East Main St, Rochester

Posted: Apr 29, 2017