Breakfast Television

July 12, 2017

A Morning with Breakfast Television

Like a lot of people, my morning is with Breakfast Television playing while everyone gets ready for work and school. Since they film it with windows facing the street, the other day while walking around with my son, he noticed the landscape and was excited about seeing on TV; this is when I showed him the building where they film it.

Of course, there was no one there, BT is a morning show, but I promised him we would come back sometime during the Summer Holidays in the morning.

So as promised, this morning we woke up early, got on the road and made our way to Toronto.

I can't express in words how excited he was to see everyone from outside; he kept waving and peeking through the window, then a surprise, Kevin Frankish came out and asked "Who is this looking at my studio?", my son froze when he saw him followed by such excitement that Kevin asked me "Will he be quiet if I bring you inside?", so we went inside and got to meet the reporters and watch the "backstage" of our morning show.

I can't thank the crew of Breakfast Television, Kevin Frankish, Melanie Ng and the rest of the reporters for being so kind to us and giving my son a great experience.

Thank You.

Posted: Jul 12, 2017