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March 8, 2017

Hello, my name as you may have guessed is Nuno Souto, I put together this website so I could have an online presence where I could share my interests, cool stuff I find, tips and tricks I run into, what I'm currently working on and anything else that may be of interest to the Internet.


Since very young I was always drawn towards technology, in all senses. My first contact with a "computer" was with the Atari 2600 (good times), after that my parents got a computer similar to the ZX Spectrum which I can't recall the brand/model but that's where I first started experimenting with Basic at a very young age. I remember following a book and getting some lines to draw in the screen it was magical. Moving on from there I was always more interested in figuring out how games worked, hacking them and swapping things around than actually playing them (don't get me wrong I did waste countless hours playing games as well).

I like to create things, make them go, so of course programming is a great fit for this. Although I played around with Pascal, some C, a lot of fooling around on the DOS prompt creating scripts to do all sorts of things, it wasn't until the Internet age that I started taking it more seriously and then I started learning Perl and creating scripts to power the simple web sites. I remember running one of the first Capoeira websites on the internet hosted at Geocities, it was quite busy and I kept it updated with lots of information about the Art Form. I then created a Search Engine (well more like a directory at the time with search capabilities) with this project I was able to get some free hosting with Superb Internet.

I then learned from a friend who had just gotten a job as a Designer of this language that was really cool and could do all sorts of things with webpages much easier than using Perl, this was PHP3. I tried it out, learned about it and never stopped using it.

But like I said previously I like computers and to create things. One of the greatest things is to work on things that I don't know, I take it upon myself to learn it and get something off the ground. As such and through a great partnership with Sr. Nuno Delgado and D. Conceicao whom I met while launching a Music Album with some friends (yes I also worked with music), I was able to work on great projects, aside from the many websites for several companies and individuals, most of them in the music industry, I also created Enhanced Audio CD's as well as one of the first interactive DVD's made in Portugal and for a while as per the market at the time I was responsible for about 90% of the Portuguese made ECD's and DVD's, I'm not counting the international Record Labels that had production of their products done elsewhere and sold in Portugal.

I then started venturing into all sorts of things, some of my accomplishments are the launch of a Record Label in Portugal dedicated to HipHop I was able to get Jay the labels debut artist to be the first black artist to perform in a prime time christmas show on television singing a HipHop song in Cape-Verdean Creole. This had never happened before, we were very proud of ourselves and of our work. I was able to secure partnerships with many other record labels in Cape Verde, Holland, France, Angola and Mozambique. I also worked in the Fashion Industry helping with promotion and show production. I launched a SaaS to send bulk Text Messages to anywhere in the world, it was particularly successful in Angola and at one point I worked with a singer in Canada to send a text message to everyone in the audience at a specific time in the show while he was performing a song that referenced it.

In 2004 I produced a show, by the name of Africa a Cantar, it was centred around African artists in all sorts of areas, there were 8 performing artists from Portugal, France, Holland and Angola, a fashion show, circus performers and DJ's, it was an amazing show that through a partnership with RTP Internacional (the international Portuguese public tv channel) it was divided into 5 tv shows and shown across the world. This opened a new era of African shows in Portugal and is still seen today as the show that pushed the African event market forward.

Unfortunately and like many beginnings, financially it wasn't a success, everyone had doubts, which were later crushed, but the damage was already done, and I was ruined. Everything I had built was lost in one night. Working in Portugal at a young age is hard enough, this blow was just the push for me to finally decide to leave the country and as such I moved to Canada where I reside now with my beautiful family.

A Fresh Start

After some bad times in Canada, which I was able to surpass thanks to the help and support of my lovely wife Shirley and our beautiful children as well as my parents and sisters, I have now finally reached a point where enough is enough and it's time to move on and get back out there.

So now I am building up once again from scratch with a strong motivation to push my ideas and work forward, be involved in the communities of Capoeira and PHP Programming and although in the past I have always been very reserved and kept to myself, I want to start a new chapter and be more open with everyone, I believe that people with common interests and goals in mind can make great things happen, be it a couple in a relationship, Capoeira groups around the world or a community of long distance internet developers.

I hope you find value in my posts, I will try to convey everything clearly but since this is a first for me, any comments are appreciated.

Thank You

Posted: Mar 08, 2017